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Mandatory Fields
W.B. Westerveld, J.R. Ashburn, R.A. Cline, C.D. Stone, P.J.M. van der Burgt and J.S. Risley
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Determination of Density Matrices of H(n=3) Atoms formed in Charge Transfer between Protons and Helium Atoms
Optional Fields
fats hydrogen atoms are formed in charge transfer reactions between incident protons (60 keV0 and helium atoms. The formed excited hydrogen atoms are allowed to decay in the presence of externally applied electric fields which dramatically change the intensity and polarization of the emitted radiation. Balmer-alpha radiation from a 7 mm long section of the proton beam is measured as a function of applied electric field strength using a precision polarimeter. Detailed analysis of the experiment in which the time evolution of the hydrogen atoms in the presence of external fields is calculated allows the extraction of the full, axially symmetric density matrix of the H(n=3) atoms at the time of their production.
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