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Kitchin, R., Shirlow, P. and Shuttleworth, I.
Disability and Society
On the margins: Disabled people’s access to and experiences of employment in Donegal, West Ireland
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Traditionally, studies of disabled people's access to the labour market have been largely restricted to labour market 'censuses', often conducted by government agencies, and econometric studies. This paper explores disabled people's access to and experiences of employment in Donegal, West Ireland, using a qualitative approach. Twelve disabled people and four non-disabled helpers, divided into two focus groups, were interviewed using an in-depth, informal conversational strategy. A number of different, salient issues were identified in regards to training, and gaining and maintaining employment, ranging from ignorance and discrimination, to poor access (both workplace and transport), to legislation. Respondents identified a number or potential solutions which mainly focused around disability awareness, removing barriers to gaining employment and the implementation of stronger legislation. In the final section, the issues and solutions raised by disabled people are compared to those identified by non-disabled people, collected in a parallel study.
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