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Shuttleworth, I., Kitchin, R., Shirlow, P., McDonagh, J.
Irish Geography
The tail of the tiger: Experiences and perceptions of unemployment in Donegal.
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The experiences and perceptions of registered and "hidden' unemployed people in Donegal are explored through an examination of survey data collected from 620 respondents between May and August 1997. This data set, consisting of both quantitative and qualitative information, is valuable because it explores unemployment and possible solutions from unemployed people's perspectives, and also investigates 'hidden' unemployment. It also provides some insights into social exclusion and the extent to which the 'Celtic Tiger' has benefited all parts of Irish society. Analyses are restricted to the quantitative aspects of the dataset and the discussion is divided into three main themes: labour market histories and experiences of unemployment; education and training; and perceptions of the labour market. In the last section of the paper the various findings are drawn together and summary recommendations are made concerning the actions that local agencies, as opposed to central Government, might undertake in order to tackle the causes and consequences of unemployment.
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