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Mulhare, L., O'Donoghue, D. and Winstanley, A.C.
12th Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science AICS-2001
Analogical Structure Matching on Cartographic Data
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We describe the application of analogical structure matching to the problem of classifying objects in structured cartographic data. The reasons for and the requirements of such a classification are firstly outlined. The attributes on which the structural matching will operate and the representation of this data in Prolog are then described. A brief mention is made of the extraction of these attributes from the sample data. Our domain-specific Cartographic Structure Matching Algorithm is then introduced and explained. The fusion of our algorithm’s results with other classification techniques is mentioned, and some examples of the detection of misclassified polygons are provided. We finally provide a preliminary evaluation of our classification technique and suggest some future developments.
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