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Mihai Pitu, Daniela Grijincu, Peihan Li, Asif Saleem, Rosemary Monahan, Diarmuid P. ODonoghue
Artificial Intelligence for Formal Methods Workshop
Ars: Analogical Reasoning for reuse of Implementation & Specification
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Rennes France
Formal methods and formal verification of source code has been used extensively in the past few years to create dependable software systems. However, although formal languages like Spec# or JML are quite popular, the set of verified implementations remains small. Our work aims to automate some of the steps involved in writing specifications and their implementations, by reusing existing verified programs i.e. for a given implementation, we aim to retrieve similar verified code and then reapply the missing specification that accompanies that code. Similarly, for a given specification, we aim to retrieve code with a similar specification and use its implementation to generate the missing implementation.
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