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D. O'Donoghue, Aine Leddy, James Power, John Waldron
2002 Unknown
Recent Advances in Java Thehnology Theory, Application, Implementation
Bigram Analysis of Java Bytecode Sequences
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin Ireland
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Much research has been conducted in the analysis of Java bytecodes in order to gain a better understanding of how Java programs behave. One branch of this research has focused on analysing bytecode usage within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), with particular emphasis on analysing bytecodes associated with various benchmark programs.We report on a project that performed a bigram analysis of dynamic bytecode sequences. The objective was to identify the most commonly used bytecode pairs, and to examine the relative frequency of occurrence of these bytecodes. In all, 12 large Java programs were analysed, taken from the Java Grande and SPEC benchmark suites. Our ļ¬ndings are of relevance to research into instruction set design and implementation, as well as JVM optimisation
J.F. Power; J.T. Waldron
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