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David Cleary, O'Donoghue, D.
Applied Informatics Conference
Searching for the Semantic Internet
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Search engines, directories and web browsers all deal with the Internet at the level of individual web-pages. We argue that this is too low a level of resolution for many, including the non-casual surfer, who has detailed knowledge of his/her topic of interest. We present the shopping-mall metaphor that is based on identifying tightly integrated communities of web pages, where pages procure information from each other via hyperlinks. A search operation identifies these web-page communities, rather that individual web-pages, and the communities are visualised as a Virtual Reality shopping mall - for presentation on a VRML enabled web browser. Each information outlet (shop) can contain multiple information “products” (pages) gathered around a common theme. The metaphor serves to integrate both search and visualisation phases, presenting a coherent information collection to the user - regardless of the search domain.
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