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Moynagh Sullivan (MU), Borbola Farago (UCD)
'Double Vision': Race, Gender and Social justice in Celtic Tiger Ireland
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Major Interdisciplinary and Inter-Institutional Conference
Proceeding published: 1 Webpage URL: Duration (in days): 3 Estimated Attendance: 120 Details: In 2005, this conference was organised to address the 'double vision' that had resulted from the extraordinarily rapid economic development of Ireland over the past two decades which has effected a profound transformation in every dimension of the island’s social and cultural life. In the process, old verities and assumptions concerning the nature of Irish society and culture have been called into question, with a whole variety of new challenges coming to light. A culture and society schooled in, and to some extent structured for, poverty and emigration has for the first time in centuries been forced to confront issues of large-scale immigration combined with the dilemmas associated with the generation of enormous national wealth. But in the process older societal faultlines based on gender, disability and religious difference have not disappeared; the tenacity of such divisions has been maintained, and have redressed largely around concerns about visible racialisation. Many 'others' are not seen in social and political policies that involve financial commitment, such as those who are racially different, or those with a disability, or other differences, are simultaneously seen as embodying a dangerous otherness. This conference brought together a number of scholars who addressed these problems in celtic tiger before it gasped its last.
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Maynooth University
Co-funded by MU and UCD English Departments