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Wellmer F;Bowman JL;Davies B;Ferrándiz C;Fletcher JC;Franks RG;Graciet E;Gregis V;Ito T;Jack TP;Jiao Y;Kater MM;Ma H;Meyerowitz EM;Prunet N;Riechmann JL;
2014 January
Methods in Molecular Biology - Flower Development
Flower development: open questions and future directions.
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Almost three decades of genetic and molecular analyses have resulted in detailed insights into many of the processes that take place during flower development and in the identification of a large number of key regulatory genes that control these processes. Despite this impressive progress, many questions about how flower development is controlled in different angiosperm species remain unanswered. In this chapter, we discuss some of these open questions and the experimental strategies with which they could be addressed. Specifically, we focus on the areas of floral meristem development and patterning, floral organ specification and differentiation, as well as on the molecular mechanisms underlying the evolutionary changes that have led to the astounding variations in flower size and architecture among extant and extinct angiosperms.
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