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Veling, L; Murnane, S
Developing a Demand-Drive Framework for European ICT Professionalism
IVI White Paper Series
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This paper outlines key findings that should be considered as part of the development of a demand-driven and sustainable ICT professionalism framework: a framework designed to support the development of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) profession in Europe. A more detailed account of the research, and the resulting framework, are presented in ?Governance Framework for ICT Professionalism - A Proposal? (Veling et al. 2014). This paper outlines eleven key findings that have been validated with industry-based subject matter experts. The effective consideration and management of these findings will be vital for the successful development of any overarching ICT professionalism framework. The research leading to the development of this framework is part of the larger European Union e-skills strategy1 and the "Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs". In 2013, a service contract was awarded by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) to a consortium led by empirica GmbH (Gareis et al. 2014) to monitor the evolution of the supply and demand of eskills, to update foresight scenarios and forecasts (2015?2020), to benchmark multi-stakeholder partnerships, and to measure progress on the implementation of the EU e-skills strategy in Europe.
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