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Estelle Murphy
John Eccles, Incidental Music Part 2, Plays H-P, The Works of John Eccles
A-R Editions, Inc.
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John Eccles’s active theatrical career spanned a period of about sixteen years, though he continued to compose occasionally for the theater after his semi-retirement in 1707. During his career he wrote incidental music for more than seventy plays, writing songs that fit perfectly within their dramatic contexts, offering carefully tailored vehicles for his singers’ talents while remaining highly accessible in tone. This edition includes music for plays beginning with the letters H–P for which Eccles composed music. These plays were fundamentally collaborative ventures, and multiple composers often supplied the music; thus, this edition includes all the known songs and instrumental items for each. Plot summaries of the plays are given along with relevant dialogue cues and the songs are given in the order in which they appear in the drama (when known).
xxiii + 449 pp.
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