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Stephen O'Neill and Janet Clare
Shakespeare and the Irish Writer
University College Dublin Press
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Shakespeare Joyce Yeats Shaw Wilde McGuinness
There is a long history in Ireland of performing, studying and responding to Shakespeare's plays. Transposed to an Irish context, Shakespeare has continued to be a source of creative engagement and discussion for Irish writers. This new collection of essays explores the dynamic responses to Shakespeare by Irish writers, in both English and in Irish, since the early twentieth century. Written by leading Irish and international scholars in the fields of Shakespeare and Irish studies "Shakespeare and the Irish Writer" addresses the engagement with Shakespeare and his plays in the works of Yeats, Wilde, Joyce, Bowen, Shaw, Beckett and McGuinness as well as Irish language writers. It surveys Shakespeare's reception in Ireland and suggests new ways of interpreting his work and his cultural associations in and from Ireland. Indeed, the collection reveals how the category 'Shakespeare and the Irish Writer' discloses a level of cultural continuity across the contours of the history of Ireland and Britain. What emerges is an interaction with Shakespeare's plays that, whether emulative or parodic, iconoclastic or subtly allusive, or a combination of these, is complex and creative.These essays provide new insight into Shakespeare's reception in Ireland, illustrating how his plays have initiated a dialogue in Irish writing, and continue to do so.They show how Irish responses to his work constitute a legitimate form of criticism, enlarging understanding of Shakespeare in a broader than national context. "Shakespeare and the Irish Writer" will appeal to scholars of modern Irish writing and to Shakespeare scholars, particularly those interested in the appropriation of the many plays and their cultural afterlife.
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