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Kumar, Pankaj and McElhinney, Conor P. and Lewis, Paul and McCarthy, Timothy
Automated road markings extraction from mobile laser scanning data
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Road markings are used to provide guidance and instruction to road users for safe and comfortable driving. Enabling rapid, cost-effective and comprehensive approaches to the maintenance of route networks can be greatly improved with detailed information about location, dimension and condition of road markings. Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) systems provide new opportunities in terms of collecting and processing this information. Laser scanning systems enable multiple attributes of the illuminated target to be recorded including intensity data. The recorded intensity data can be used to distinguish the road markings from other road surface elements due to their higher retro-reflective property. In this paper, we present an automated algorithm for extracting road markings from MLS data. We describe a robust and automated way of applying a range dependent thresholding function to the intensity values to extract road markings. We make novel use of binary morphological operations and generic knowledge of the dimensions of road markings to complete their shapes and remove other road surface elements introduced through the use of thresholding. We present a detailed analysis of the most applicable values required for the input parameters involved in our algorithm. We tested our algorithm on different road sections consisting of multiple distinct types of road markings. The successful extraction of these road markings demonstrates the effectiveness of our algorithm.
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