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Working Paper
Jennifer Dagg and Jane Gray
RESCuE Technical Report on Fieldwork in Ireland
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resilience, households, qualitative methodology, urban, rural, Ireland
Technical report on the fieldwork carried out in Ireland as part of the FP7 project, RESCuE
RESCuE is an FP7 funded project that examines the patterns of resilience during socioeconomic crises among households in nine European countries. The project is led and co-ordinated by Dr. Markus Promberger of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, Germany. This paper is a technical report on the fieldwork carried out by the Irish RESCuE team1 . In particular, it provides a description of the local contexts of the research sites; observations from the field; a discussion of field access, contacting strategies and difficulties; sampling criteria and methods; and the process of conducting qualitative and photographic interviews2 . The paper was originally produced as the Irish national report for Work Package 3 (D3.16) within the RESCuE project.
Maynooth, Ireland
Maynooth University Social Science Institute (MUSSI)
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EU Framework Programme 7
GA 613245