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Mandatory Fields
Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses
2015 July
1914-1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War
Post-war Settlement (Portugal)
Freie Universität Berlin
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Peace Conference; Reparations; Afonso Costa; Arbitration; Diplomacy
Two factors made it especially important for Portugal’s interventionists not only to seize control of the Paris Peace Conference negotiations, but also to emerge victorious from the conference. The first was the nature of the Portuguese intervention in the First World War. The second was the reputational damage endured by the country’s young republican regime as a result of its army’s poor performance on the battlefield and Sidónio Pais’ ‘New Republic’. It was both expected that the Allies would force Germany to pay for their military expenses and also hoped that Portugal might receive a share of Germany’s colonies and battle fleet – but in vain. Portugal’s ill-fated campaign for the reparation of wartime damages would continue until 1933.
Ute Daniel, Peter Gatrell, Oliver Janz, Heather Jones, Jennifer Keene, Alan Kramer, and Bill Nasson
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