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Gross, Nicole, Connolly, Niall, McNamara, Peter
Business Case Journal
Scaling Up a Small Technology Firm: Business Model Innovation at HaylioMed
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Connect Health Business Models Innovation Change Dental Case Study Information Technology
Mike Kramer, the CEO of HaylioMed, had led his small technology firm for over a decade. With its complex enterprise software solution and range of professional services, HaylioMed was one of the two leading companies in 2014 which successfully served a group of prestigious specialty medical schools and teaching hospitals. Mike had developed a successful business, but due to the limited size of his specialty market niche, he had come to realize that healthy growth could no longer be sustainable with the same business model. Mike's small firm was standing at the edge of a momentous decision: should it maintain the current evolution of its business model and forfeit scaling, or to transform its customer value proposition, resources, and capabilities in search of higher returns? Mike wondered what realistic options were available to him and if the risk of business model innovation was worth the reward.
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Enterprise Ireland
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