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Jennifer Redmond and Evan McGonagill
Taking Her Place: Women’s Journey through Education from the Private to the Public Sphere
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This digital exhibit is an adaptation of the exhibition that was installed in the Rare Book Room of Canaday Library at Bryn Mawr College from January 28 through July 19, 2013. This exhibition illuminates the story of women’s successful struggle for access to the public realm through education, the key channel through which women expanded their sphere beyond the confines of their homes. Taking Her Place explores the world of female learning from the late eighteenth to the mid-twentieth century by deploying the substantial holdings of the Bryn Mawr College collections to illustrate both wider debates and individual accomplishments. The premise of this exhibition is that women’s ‘place’ is rightfully wherever they wish it to be, and that education is necessary no matter what role in society they fulfill.
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