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O'Brien, A.
Radio Journal
‘Community Radio and Governance: Leadership, Relationship and Identity’
In Press
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Community radio Ireland, governance, leadership, worth ethics, organizational identity.
This study examines the challenges of good governance for community radio stations. It does this by exploring how volunteers, managers and members of the Boards of Directors at four community radio stations in Ireland viewed governance issues. The article finds that there are three key requirements for effective governance in the context of non-profit community radio stations. Firstly, participants described the importance of the Board’s leadership role in acquiring expertise in specific, necessary areas, such as finance, human resources and compliance. The Board was also seen to require a capacity to generate positive relationships between the station and its constituent communities. Secondly, participants outlined a number of practices that proved useful in achieving positive internal relationships between the board, the volunteers and management. Thirdly, participants described how a collectively shared ethos of community radio was useful in overcoming potential divisions by generating a shared sense of the organisation for its members. The findings highlight the need for further research and analysis of the organisational uniqueness and consequent governance requirements of community media.
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