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G. W. Young, A. Kehoe, and D. Murphy.
2016 May
Games User Research: A Case Study Approach
Usability Testing of Video Game Controllers: A Case Study
A K Peters/CRC Press
Boca Raton
In Press
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Usability, User Experience, HCI, Hardware Testing, User Studies, Gaming, Logitech.
This chapter presents an investigation that compares the performance of game controllers in two-dimensional pointing tasks as defined in the international standard that specifies the requirements for non-keyboard input devices, ISO 9241-9. In addition, we discuss the evaluation of usability and user experience with these devices during game-play. We compared performance measurements for controllers while varying the user’s exposure to the different feedback elements contained within each controller device. We assessed the performance of the controllers according to the ISO 9241-9 evaluation recommendations. The devices used in the study included a Logitech mouse and keyboard, a Logitech Bluetooth Touchpad and keyboard, a Sony Playstation DualShock 4 controller, and Valve’s first-generation Steam controller. Besides performance testing, we measured user experiences with the controllers while playing a popular first-person video game. Participants were asked to complete game levels for each type of controller and answer questions outlining their experience.
M. A. Garcia-Ruiz
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