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O'Connor, E.P. and Crowley-Henry, M.
Journal of Business Ethics
Exclusive talent management, perceived organizational justice and employee engagement: Bridging the literature
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Talent management, Employee engagement, Organizational justice, Distributive justice, Procedural justice, Interactional justice, Social exchange theory, Equity theory, Human resource management, Ethics
This conceptual paper explores the relationship between an organization’s exclusive talent management (TM) practices, employees’ perceptions of the fairness of exclusive TM practices, and the corresponding impact on employee engagement. We propose that in organizations pursuing exclusive TM programs, employee perceptions of organizational justice of the exclusive TM practices may affect their employee engagement, which may influence both organizational and employee outcomes. Building on extant research, we present a conceptual framework depicting the relationship between exclusive TM practices, organizational justice and employee engagement, with social exchange theory and equity theory as the framework’s foundation. The propositions in the framework are each supported by the respective literature. The perceived organizational justice and potential ramifications of exclusive TM practices for employees who are not included in corporate talent pools is an under-researched topic. The paper considers the perspectives of employees not included in corporate talent pools and explores how exclusive TM practices, as inputs, could lead to negative employee engagement outputs. In unpacking how exclusive TM practices could impact on employee engagement, the implications for organizations are underlined. The ethics and perceived fairness of exclusive TM practices, which have the potential to marginalize employees and lead to their disengagement, are considered.
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