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Bradshaw R. and Donnellan B.
ECIS 2013 -Proceedings of the 21st European Conference on Information Systems
Optimizing flow network design with a green is framework: An exploration of the bikeshare domain
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Bikeshare Energy Informatics Green IS Supply and Demand Networks Sustainability
It is being increasingly acknowledged, in both the IS and sustainability literature that the greatest opportunity for "green" information systems is in the reduction of energy consumption and associated green house gases through the optimal design of supply and demand networks. This paper reports the findings of a multiple case study investigation into how a comparatively new green IS framework - energy informatics - might be used to enhance the design of bikeshare schemes. The central concept of bikeshare is to provide an affordable alternative to motorized transportation and in so doing reduce congestion, noise, and pollution. The findings from the research validate an extended version of the framework and add to the current body of knowledge on the capacity of information systems to support environmental sustainability. Future research will be required to understand the degree to which the framework can inform the design of supply and demand networks in other domains.
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