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Working Paper
Dagg, J., Gray, J.
Cultural practices in resilient households in Ireland
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resilience, culture, poverty, households, Europe
for Work Package 5 (D5.23) within the FP7 Project, ‘RESCuE'
This working paper is a qualitative analysis of cultural practices of resilience in Irish households. It was produced as the Irish national report for Work Package 5 (D5.23) within the FP7 Project, ‘RESCuE: Patterns of resilience during socio-economic crisis among households in Europe.’ The paper is structured according to guidelines provided by the national team from Poland1 who led the research on WP5. The paper includes an overview of cultural practices by participating households in Ireland. It examines the different forms of capital mobilized by Irish participants: symbolic, socio-economic, cultural, and social. It emphasises the emotional resources and affective experiences that people describe as calling on, or generating, in order to cope with adversity. In addition, the paper contains photographs provided by participants that supplement their experiences. It concludes with a summary of the forms of capital that have proven to be useful and important in overcoming, or coping with, crisis.
Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland
Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute
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EU Framework Programme 7
GA 613245