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Working Paper
Dagg, J., Gray, J.
Longitudinal and Biographical Aspects of Resilience in Ireland
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resilience, life course, poverty, households, Ireland
Produced as the ‘Irish National Report’ (D6.25) for Work Package 6 within the FP7 Project, ‘RESCuE'
This working paper provides an analysis of citizens’ resilience to the crisis in Ireland from a biographical and longitudinal perspective. It was produced as the ‘Irish National Report’ (D6.25) for Work Package 6 within the FP7 Project, ‘RESCuE: Patterns of resilience during socioeconomic crisis among households in Europe.’ This paper applies the four themes of the lifecourse perspective: i) lives and historical times; ii) transitions and turning points; iii) linked lives; and iv) agency and visions of the future, to enhance our understanding of citizens’ varying capacities for resilience in the context of the crisis. It analyses how life course characteristics – including birth cohort and family life stage – intersect with structural disadvantage, past experiences of adversity and the timing of life transitions and events leading to different pathways through life. By adopting a qualitative approach, the RESCuE study provides additional insights on how people adapt to adverse transitions and engage in life planning. In particular, it yields rich data on the complex processes surrounding turning points in the life course, providing essential information for understanding how such ‘critical moments’ give rise to positive or negative trajectories.
Maynooth, Ireland
Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute
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EU Framework Programme 7
GA 613245