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Connolly, Lucy and Cullen, John G.
Organization and Environment
Animals and Organisations: An Ethic of Care Framework
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animals, stakeholders, bibliometrics, feminist ethic of care, human–animal organisation studies, voice, silent stakeholders, nature as stakeholder, ethics
Despite recent developments in the field of human–animal studies and a surge of growth in scholarship in this area, organisational theory has been accused of facilitating the “virtual exclusion” of the non-human animal. This article attempts to address this through its investigation of the non-human in the business and management literature within an ethic of care framework. It accomplishes this through a bibliometric review of the articles available in the Social Sciences Citation Index. The focus of investigation is the nature of the human–animal relationship within the articles. It is hoped that this framework will assist scholars in attempts to increase the visibility of animals within our organisations and enhance their moral consideration, as well as facilitate the review of other literatures relating to the marginalised within our organisations.
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