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John G. Cullen
Are Schwartz & Carroll’s 5 Business & Society Frameworks Still Dominant?
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Business & Society, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability, Stakeholder Theory
In 2008, Business & Society published Schwartz and Carroll's description of five central frameworks that had come to dominate the field of Business & Society. Although frequently cited, there has been no empirical analysis or verification of these frameworks or inter-relationships between them. This research note aims to address this by providing bibliometric data on peer-reviewed research outputs conducted on these frameworks since this article first appeared. ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and ‘Stakeholder Management Theory’ are clearly the most researched frameworks, and ‘Sustainability’ has demonstrated significant growth over the ten years since the article was first published. ‘Business Ethics’ and (to a greater extent) ‘Corporate Citizenship’ appear to have grown less as research fields, but there may be some evidence of areas of ‘cross-over’ between fields. The limitations of this research are discussed alongside avenues and opportunities for developing deeper understanding of these business & society frameworks.
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