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Cullen, JG
Nursing management
Nursing management, religion and spirituality: a bibliometric review, a research agenda and implications for practice
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Aims This article aims to contribute to the growing field of spirituality and nursing management by analysing bibliographic data on peer-reviewed research in the field. Background Articles on spirituality and nursing management often claim that these fields have grown over the past two decades. This article gathers empirical evidence to test these claims. Evaluation Bibliometric data on peer-reviewed research articles on nursing, nursing management, spirituality and religion in the Social Sciences Citation Index were analysed to ascertain general trends in publication and citation. Key issues The data support claims that research activity and interest in both spirituality and religion in the field of nursing have grown steeply over recent years, and continue to accelerate. Conclusions The research identified spirituality as a beneficial variable in management, training and/or care scenarios. Critical studies of nursing management spiritual initiatives could add considerably to the growing body of research and theory in this field. Implications for nursing management It is essential that nurse managers be equipped to foster not only a broader understanding of the variety of faith traditions found in a multi-cultural society, but also to develop an understanding of the ways in which individuals engage in spiritual practice outside traditional religious settings.
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