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McCarthy CGP;Fitzpatrick DA;
Advances in Genetics
Multiple Approaches to Phylogenomic Reconstruction of the Fungal Kingdom.
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Fungi are possibly the most diverse eukaryotic kingdom, with over a million member species and an evolutionary history dating back a billion years. Fungi have been at the forefront of eukaryotic genomics, and owing to initiatives like the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project the amount of fungal genomic data has increased considerably over the last 5 years, enabling large-scale comparative genomics of species across the kingdom. In this chapter, we first review fungal evolution and the history of fungal genomics. We then review in detail seven phylogenomic methods and reconstruct the phylogeny of 84 fungal species from 8 phyla using each method. Six methods have seen extensive use in previous fungal studies, while a Bayesian supertree method is novel to fungal phylogenomics. We find that both established and novel phylogenomic methods can accurately reconstruct the fungal kingdom. Finally, we discuss the accuracy and suitability of each phylogenomic method utilized.
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