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Niamh O' Sullivan, David G. Collings
An exploratory study on the potential of skilled mobility to develop, increase and sustain regional competitiveness
(2017) Irish Academy of Management: Facing the business and management challenges of a Post-Brexit World’
Belfast. N. Ireland
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In the increasingly global labour market, nations, regions and cities compete for talent to deliver sustainable economic growth and development. Thus, how regional policy makers and stakeholders can effectively attract talent and harness and optimise talent when it arrives in a region is a key question for research. The importance of global mobility is reflected in the increased number of peer reviewed journal articles over the past 50 years (Baruch et al, 2016, Caligiuri & Bonache, 2016, Tung, 2016). Evans & Lanvin, 2016, p. 62 report Mobility is not just a fact but a major economic benefit. Mobility is a crucial tool to address the challenges of demography and skills shortages and the needs for a diverse workforce, helping countries to flourish... but even more than this mobility, it is clear, helps to develop talent,.. talent mobility fosters the creation of knowledge- a determinant of innovation. The aim of this paper is to review the theoretical frameworks underpinning international mobility and develop some linkages of international mobility for the competitiveness of countries and regions.