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Trevor Vaugh
Maastricht Disrupt
Design as an Agent of Transition. Transition, the Realm of Pure Possibility
Maastricht, Netherlands
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Transition - ‘a process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another’, is something we experience in many forms throughout our lives, work and projects. These ‘crisis’ (moments of choice or decision) offer an opportunity and the perfect conditions to make impactful, positive and sometimes radical change. Unfortunately we often do not take advantage of these conditions, insead choosing to “go with the flow’ or taking a conservative ‘familiar’ path. Taking a design and anthropological perspective, this talk will, through design and innovation examples, demonstrate how, according to Victor Turner, transitions are a “realm of pure possibility” and that by using the design process as an agent for these transitions, we can take advantage of this structureless, ambiguous space, and use it to make our society, organisations, services and objects better.