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Tara Murphy, Aileen O’Carroll, Suzanne Guerin and Jane Gray
2018 Unknown
Research and Evaluation in Community, Health and Social Care Settings. Experiences from Practice.
Overcoming the Ethical and Practical Challenges Associated with Archiving Qualitative and Quantitative Data.
Abingdon, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Data archiving Qualitative Quantitative Evaluation Community change initiatives
This chapter discusses some of the challenges associated with archiving social science data, both generally and with specific emphasis on archiving varieties of research data arising from community change initiatives (CCIs), also referred to as comprehensive community initiatives in some instances. It highlights some of the key concerns raised by researchers about archiving quantitative and qualitative data, most notably informed consent, data ownership and the management of confidentiality and anonymity. Findings are based on a case study of a community initiative to provide instances of where community evaluation research might present some additional challenges relating to archiving, and to identify ways of overcoming those challenges. The chapter concludes with key learning for community organizations, research commissioners, practitioners and researchers that may be considering archiving data for future use.
Suzanne Guerin, Nóirín Hayes and Sinéad McNally
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