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Munro, Morag and Kenny, Claire
2009 January
Handbook of Research on Learning Design and Learning Objects: Issues, Applications and Technologies
Standards for Learning Objects and Learning Designs
IGI Global
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E-learning standards are a contentious topic amongst educators, designers and researchers engaged in the development of learning objects and learning designs. There is disagreement regarding the relative benefits and limitations of standards, while the relevance of standards to some education and training contexts has been questioned. It may be difficult for designers and educators to be sure that they need to implement standards, let alone to choose the most appropriate one from the plethora available. This chapter aims to provide individuals involved in the design and development of learning objects and learning designs with a wide-ranging critical overview of e-learning standards. It first traces the evolution of standards, and then examines their application in the present day. Finally, the chapter considers some of the limitations and criticisms of current standards, and suggests some possible directions for future development.
Lockyer, Lori and Bennett, Sue and Agostinho, Shirley and Harper, Barry.
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