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Hughes, Jean and Munro, Morag
2012 Unknown
The Dynamic Curriculum: Shared experiences of ongoing curricular change in higher education
Curriculum Change: Achieving institutional cohesion while maintaining individual autonomy
Dublin City University
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Since the turn of the millennium there has been an increasing focus on curriculum reform in Irish higher education. Most of this activity has been prompted by external requirements to align programmes with the National Framework of Qualifications and achieve compliance with the requirements of the Bologna Accord. Although Irish higher education institutions have approached the matter of NFQ/Bologna compliance in different ways and over different timeframes, all have engaged in some degree of curriculum reform and development over the last five to ten years. This chapter discusses the concept of curriculum reform in higher education, focusing in particular on matters such as the increasing emphasis on curriculum in the context of a concomitant dearth of discussion about it, the absence of a shared definition or understanding of curricula, and the centrality of curriculum to economic policy, notwithstanding this absence. It will then discuss Dublin City University’s (DCU’s) comprehensive curriculum transformation project, the Academic Framework for Innovation (AFI). The strategic drivers which contributed to the approach chosen by DCU, the lessons learnt and the questions which remain are presented.
Hughes, Jean and Tan, Eloise
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