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Munro, Morag and McMullin, Barry
EdTech 2005, the Sixth Annual Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference
Conflict of interests? Can tensions between accessibility, interactivity and multimedia in e-learning be overcome?
Dun Laoghaire
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he significance of web accessibility in e-learning design is well known. Accessible design will (ideally) ensure that all students can benefit from e-learning resources, regardless of any visual, aural, motor, cognitive or neurological impairments; and regardless of the device(s) used to access the web. Web-based multimedia technologies can enhance the learning experience for many users, and on many levels - specifically including users with a range of disabilities; however, simultaneously, multimedia technologies are often criticised for being inaccessible to users with disabilities. So, what are the real implications of web accessibility for designers of educational multimedia? Can multimedia resources be accessible? Is there a conflict between accessible design and creative pedagogical design? This paper examines some of the issues relating to balancing accessibility and multimedia in e-learning, and presents a framework for best practice in the development of accessible web-based educational multimedia.