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Sedgwick, Adam C. and Hayden, Alex and Hill, Barry and Bull, Steven D. and Elmes, Robert B. P. and James, Tony D.
A simple umbelliferone based fluorescent probe for the detection of nitroreductase
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A simple nitrobenzyl-umbelliferone (NCOU1) was synthesised containing a nitroreductase (NTR) trigger moiety. The presence of NTR, resulted in the fragmentation of the parent molecule and release of the highly emissive fluorophore umbelliferone via an NTR-catalyzed reduction of the nitro group. In the presence of the NTR enzyme, NCOU1 gave rise to a 5-fold increase in fluorescence intensity at 455 nm and was selective for NTR over other reductive enzymes. These results indicate that NCOU1 can be used as a simple assay for the detection of NTR.
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