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Fiona Timmins, Carole King, Jan M.A. de Vries, Martin Johnson, John G. Cullen, Carol Haigh
Journal of Clinical Nursing
Altruism, honesty and religiosity in nursing students
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Altruism, Honesty, Religiosity, Nursing, Students, Student Nurses
Nursing is informed by values that guide care ethos and activities. Embodiment of these core values, has become a matter of concern. Reports outlining deficiencies in health care followed by polemics in nursing journals have called into question whether nursing students are sufficiently motivated by values and educated in their application. This paper explores these values among undergraduate nursing students in the Republic of Ireland. Considering the strong religious tradition in health care in Ireland, religiosity was also included. Aims and objectives: The aims were to identify, at different stages of nursing education, the extent to which nursing students appreciate altruism, honesty, religiosity and other, sometimes contrasting, values in practice. Design: A link to an on-line survey was distributed via email to all nursing students in the thirteen Schools of Nursing in the Republic of Ireland.
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