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Benjamin S.;Krämer T.;Levason W.;Light M.;Macgregor S.;Reid G.
Journal of the American Chemical Society
A Pd(0) Tetrahedron with μ3-Bridging Trimethylantimony Ligands
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© 2016 American Chemical Society. The palladium(II) chlorostibine complex [PdCl 2 (SbMe 2 Cl) 2 ] 2 has a dimeric structure in the solid state, stabilized by hyper-coordination at the Lewis amphoteric Sb centers. Reaction with 8 equiv of MeLi forms [Pd 4 (μ 3 -SbMe 3 ) 4 (SbMe 3 ) 4 ], whose structure comprises a tetrahedral Pd(0) core with four terminal SbMe 3 ligands and four μ 3 -SbMe 3 ligands, one capping each triangular Pd 3 face. Density functional theory calculations, supported by energy decomposition analysis and the natural orbitals for chemical valence scheme, highlight significant donor and acceptor orbital contributions to the bonding between both the terminal and the bridging SbMe 3 ligands and the Pd 4 core.
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