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Bracken C.;O'Sullivan C.;Murphy J.;Donohoe A.;Savini G.;Lightfoot J.;Juanola-Parramon R.
Infrared Physics and Technology
Quasi-optical analysis of a far-infrared spatio-spectral space interferometer concept
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Double-Fourier Far-infrared FISICA Interferometry Optics Physical optics PyFIInS (Python Far-Infrared Instrument Simulator) Quasi-optics
© 2016 Published by Elsevier B.V. FISICA (Far-Infrared Space Interferometer Critical Assessment) was a three year study of a far-infrared spatio-spectral double-Fourier interferometer concept. One of the aims of the FISICA study was to set-out a baseline optical design for such a system, and to use a model of the system to simulate realistic telescope beams for use with an end-to-end instrument simulator. This paper describes a two-telescope (and hub) baseline optical design that fulfils the requirements of the FISICA science case, while minimising the optical mass of the system. A number of different modelling techniques were required for the analysis: fast approximate simulation tools such as ray tracing and Gaussian beam methods were employed for initial analysis, with GRASP physical optics used for higher accuracy in the final analysis. Results are shown for the predicted far-field patterns of the telescope primary mirrors under illumination by smooth walled rectangular feed horns. Far-field patterns for both on-axis and off-axis detectors are presented and discussed.
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