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Catherine Leen
I Simposio internacional sobre el espanol en Irlanda: pasado, presente y futuro
Traductora, Traidora: Interlingual and Intralingual Translation in Sandra Cisneros’ Caramelo.
Invited Lecture
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Sandra Cisneros’ 2002 novel Caramelo is a mutifaceted, multigenerational text that tells the story of the Reyes family on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border from the time of the Mexican Revolution to the present day. Cisneros’ border-crossing work is emblematic of contemporary Chicanx writing in that it engages throughout in code switching-the movement back and forth between English, the main language of the novel, and Spanish. As has been noted by many theorists, code-switching is a complex phenomenon that reflects ethnic identity, social and political hierarchies and the belonging to or distancing from one’s community. Cisneros employs interlingual and intralingual translation to powerful effect in the novel to address these and other issues. She also uses mistranslation or ‘bad’ translations to expose and playfully examine the gulfs between languages and cultures and the way in which translations, as Venuti has observed, can produce effects that are both ‘disruptive and serendipitous.’