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O'Brien CE;McCarthy CGP;Walshe AE;Shaw DR;Sumski DA;Krassowski T;Fitzpatrick DA;Butler G;
Genome analysis of the yeast Diutina catenulata, a member of the Debaryomycetaceae/Metschnikowiaceae (CTG-Ser) clade.
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Diutina catenulata (Candida catenulata) is an ascomycetous yeast that has been isolated from humans, animals and environmental sources. The species is a contaminant of dairy products, and has been linked to superficial and invasive infections in both humans and animals. Previous phylogenetic analyses have assigned the species to the Saccharomycetales, but failed to identify its specific clade. Here, we report the genome sequence of an environmental isolate of D. catenulata. Examination of the tRNA repertoire and coding potential of this species shows that it translates the CUG codon as serine and not leucine. In addition, two phylogenetic analyses using 204 ubiquitous gene family alignments and 3,826 single-copy genes both confirm the placement of the species in the Debaryomycetaceae/Metschnikowiaceae, or CTG-Ser clade. The sequenced isolate contains an MTLĪ± idiomorph. However, unlike most MTL loci in related species, poly (A) polymerase (PAP) is not adjacent to MTLĪ±1.
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