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Flanagan, Niamh; Coffey, Aisling; Ceatha, Nerilee; Feeney, Angela; Barrett, Bernard
Sisters (and borthers) are doing it for themselves: Strengthening education to meet the needs of communities (A Multi-agency symposium)
Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development
Dublin, Ireland
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Abstract : The process of strengthening social work education in order to meet the needs of communities is a key factor in supporting transformative social work. In this context, the focus of social work education is located within practice and encompasses learning and development. This symposium is made up of four presentations which enhance our understanding of social work learning. 1. How Social Workers seek and use information to inform their practice (Dr Niamh Flanagan) 2. The role of Research and Information Mentors in contributing to the development of a learning culture within organizations (Ms Angela Feeney and Mr Bernard Barrett) 3. ‘Communities of practice’: Promoting research-mindedness through learning and development (Ms Nerilee Ceatha) 4. Safer Decision Making - Implementing Reflective Practice as an Integral Component of Social Work Supervision (Ms Aisling Coffey) This symposium will look at social work learning that is formal and informal, structured and unstructured in the context of our daily practice. These presentations underscore the need for practice frameworks which promote social work learning as an everyday resource which enhances social work practice and in turn informs high-quality social work decision-making and service delivery.