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Aguinis, H., Ryazanova, O., McNamara, P., Ashkanasy, N., De Castro, J., Doh, J., Salvaj, E., and Vassolo, R
Academy of Management Conference. PDW programme.
Visibility of Business School Research Worldwide: The Global Performance Research System. Professional Development Workshop.
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Business schools in Iberoamerica, North America, Europe, and Australia, among other regions, face increased competition for faculty, doctoral students, and funding. Visibility of research performance is a key attractor of these human and financial resources for higher education institutions. Most existing global rankings do not offer coverage beyond top 100 schools or so, therefore providing evidence regarding their research performance for all other schools becomes a major challenge. Building upon research from a MED Dexter finalist paper, just published in the Journal of World Business (Ryazanova, McNamara, and Aguinis, 2017), a global team of academics will offer practical insights on using data in making decisions about resourcing, hiring, outreach, and individual careers. The PDW will start with a demonstration of the newly created Global Research Performance (GRP) system, which provides research performance data for 3,352 higher education institutions in 127 countries. This will be followed by an interactive panel and roundtable discussion. We seek to contribute to skill development in the area of academic leadership by offering advice on data-driven governance in business schools, which can be used for example, to support international faculty hiring and retention. We also seek to help faculty in mastering the language of data that communicates the value of their research and can provide a foundation for their resource claims at the department and university levels. Olga Ryazanova, Peter McNamara and Herman Aguinis organised the PDW. Olga and Peter were the main speakers at this PDW, demonstrating the GRP system, which was published in a 2017 Journal of World Business paper. Other members of the team supported with reflections during the PDW, especially Neal Ashkanasy of University of Queensland (Australia) and Jonathan Doh of Villanova (USA). This PDW also featured in the MED Junior Faculty Consortium programme.