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Alekseev, V. A.; van der Burgt, P. J. M.; Setser D. W.
Journal of Chemical Physics
Stimulated directional emission induced by two-photon excitation of the Xe 6p′ and Xe 7p states
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© 2017 Author(s). Stimulated emission (SE) induced by pulsed two-photon excitation of the 6p′[1/2]0, 6p′[3/2]2, 7p[1/2]0, 7p[3/2]2, and 7p[5/2]2states of the Xe atom has been studied. Spectra of SE were recorded in the 800-3500 nm region, which covers the 6p′, 7p → 7s (2500-3500 nm), 6p′, 7p → 5d (1000-2000 nm), 7s → 6p (1200-1900 nm) transitions, as well as the near-IR 6p → 6s (800-1000 nm) transitions. It is shown that excitation of the 7p states results in radiative cascade via the 7s states, 7p → 7s → 6p, although at least one case of cascading via the 5d states is also observed. Spectra of SE induced by excitation of the 6p′ states are dominated by the 6p′ → 6s′ transitions in the near IR and the 6p′ → 5d[1/2]1→ 6p[1/2]1→ 6s[3/2]1cascade; the 6p′ → 7s → 6p cascade is also observed, although the secondary 7s → 6p emission is rather weak in comparison with excitation of the 7p states.
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