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Alexander P.;Fealy R.;Mills G.
2015 Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event, JURSE 2015
Spatial validation of an urban energy balance model using multi-temporal remotely sensed surface temperature
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© 2015 IEEE. Despite a growing number of urban energy balance (UEB) model applications being undertaken within urban climate literature, the number of independent validation exercises remains very limited. This in turn has raised questions as to the value of model applications without due consideration to the models performance in space and time. The PILPS-URBAN project went some ways towards understanding the general performance of 33 UEB models and highlighted the need for careful treatment of urban and non-urban land surfaces within model parameterization and also the derivation of input parameters. Nevertheless, the need for independent external validation of specific models is now evident. Here we undertake an external evaluation of the SUEWS model in Dublin (Ireland). We present a method for spatially validating the model across the entire Dublin area by employing remotely sensed surface temperatures obtained through the MODIS satellite platform.
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