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Veling L.;McQuillan L.;Browne A.;Craig M.;Pinkster M.
2016 International Conference on Information Systems, ICIS 2016
Use IT or lose IT: Embodying practice in Action Design Research (ADR)
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Action design research Capability improvement Industry-academic research Interpretive research Organizational change Sociomateriality
This paper describes the adoption, implementation and empirical evaluation of Action Design Research (ADR) during an 18-month Industry-Academic research partnership. It details the theoretical basis for our research and the selection of ADR as the overarching approach. It describes our adoption of an explicitly interpretivist perspective to answer a broad research question which necessitate up-front exploratory research. It then traces the efficacy-in-use of the ADR approach for supporting our project, with its emphasis on interpretivist theory and research. The key contribution of this paper is an ADR variant suitable to projects of a similar nature to ours. Our findings are relevant to any discipline that engages in Industry-Academic collaboration, particularly with regard to socio-technical problems, including, for example, Information Systems (IS), Management and Organization Studies.
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