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McFadden C.;Crowley-Henry M.
2016 January
Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations: Global Perspectives on LGBT Workforce Diversity
A systematic literature review on trans* careers and workplace experiences
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Career Job-search Trans* Transgender Transitioning
© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016. This chapter presents a systematic review conducted on the academic literature related to the careers and workplace experiences of the trans* population (including but not limited to: transsexual, transgender, genderqueer). Primarily situated in the career theory, human resources, and general business management disciplines, but including where relevant articles from other areas, this chapter examines the primary issues that a trans* person faces in the workplace and during their career. The review examines major themes within the literature surrounding the topic, outlines major findings, and makes recommendations for HR practitioners and line managers promoting diversity and inclusion in their organization. The main themes unpacked in this chapter are pre-career issues, the job search, general career issues, and transitioning in the workplace.
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