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Donovan P.
2016 December
Training Initiatives and Strategies for the Modern Workforce
Finding the critical few: The hot buttons of training transfer at ICON - a case study in evaluation and learning transfer at a global CRO (clinical research organization)
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© 2017 by IGI Global. All rights reserved. The purpose of this chapter is to describe a successful case study of evaluation andlearning transfer in a Global CRO (ICON) located in Dublin, Ireland. The case studyfocuses on a management development program entitled Management EssentialsTwo. The evaluation element of the exercise engaged the theories of Kirkpatrickand Phillips as a fundamental approach. The outcomes of the program that weremeasured included Levels one, two and three of both models. Post program behaviorchange was selected as a measure of transfer. In a departure from standard evaluationpractice the case study employed an original inventory, "System of TrainingTransfer Assessment Report" (STAR), to measure the factors leading to transfer(Donovan & Darcy, 2011). Regression analysis was used to identify four factorsthat were critical to transfer of learning at ICON. Lessons for ICON, practitioners,and researchers are drawn.
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