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Pétercsák R.;MaCcani G.;Donnellan B.;Helfert M.;Connolly N.
2016 International Conference on Information Systems, ICIS 2016
Enabling factors for smart cities: A case study
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Case study Dublin Docklands Enabling factors Smart city Value co-creation
Smart city initiatives have become inseparable from the modern development of urban environments. Scholars have characterized smart cities as complex and emergent environments and many attempts have been made to create a framework for the enabling factors of smart processes. In this research in progress paper, we aim to contribute to this particular conversation by presenting findings from theoretical and empirical research. Through a systematic literature review we propose a comprehensive ensemble of enabler factors for Smart Cities and determine future directions for scholars and practitioners. Then, we leverage preliminary findings emerging from a research in progress in the Dublin Docklands to draw conclusions about the current understanding of the concept in question. We argue, based on preliminary results, that there must be equal emphasis on the interconnected and process-based nature of the enabling factors, i. e. on the value creation potential of the smart city.
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