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Colbert D.;Tyndall I.;Roche B.;Cassidy S.
Journal of Behavioral Education
Can SMART Training Really Increase Intelligence? A Replication Study
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Derived relational responding Educational intervention Intelligence Relational frame theory Strengthening mental abilities with relational training
© 2018 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature A burgeoning research stream supports the efficacy of a novel behavior-analytic intervention, known as SMART training, in raising general intelligence by training a set of crucial cognitive skills, referred to as relational skills. A sample of Irish secondary school students (n = 26) was divided into two IQ matched groups, with the experimental group receiving 12 weeks of SMART training delivered in bi-weekly 45-min sessions. WASI IQ assessments were administered at baseline and follow-up to all participants by blind testers. For each of the three WASI IQ indices and the four IQ subtests, significant follow-up rises were found for the experimental group only. Analyses of variance indicated a significant effect of training on Verbal IQ, Matrix Reasoning and Vocabulary scores. Results lend further support for the efficacy of the SMART training program in enhancing intellectual skills.
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