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Walsh T.;Dolan R.
Professional Development in Education
Changing identities and practices: transitioning from the role of supervisor to placement tutor in initial teacher education in Ireland
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community of practice initial teacher education Ireland Placement tutor professional identity teacher educator
Recent structural and conceptual changes to initial teacher education (ITE) in Ireland have impacted on the professional roles of many teacher educators. This study explores the perspectives and identity of seven placement tutors on the Professional Master of Education (PME) course in Maynooth University in relation to their role, past and present. The research explores the impact of the change in role title and specification from ‘supervisor’ to ‘placement tutor’ and the impact of this change on the professional role and identity of those undertaking this work. Situated within an interpretive paradigm, the research is exploratory in nature and captures the perspectives of placement tutors as they transition between roles. While the findings indicate much continuity in the role and identity of placement tutors, six distinct tensions emerged from the data. The change in role title and specification impacted on placement tutors in different ways, often depending on their career stage within the role. The community of practice, where shared understandings were nurtured and negotiated, proved instrumental in the shaping of role identity. This group discourse resulted in a situation where their practice had evolved ahead of policy and indeed, informed policy development in the area.
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