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Palmer Fiona M.
2018 January
Global Perspectives on Orchestras: Collective Creativity and Social Agency
Cultural Demand and Supply in an Imperial Trading Centre: Developing the Liverpool Philharmonic Society Orchestra in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Oxford University Press
New York
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Commerce Culture Liverpool Mid-nineteenth century Philharmonic society orchestra Players Working conditions
© Oxford University Press 2017. All Rights Reserved. The Liverpool Philharmonic Society lies fifth in line among the oldest concert-giving organisations in Europe. This chapter, tapping the Society's archive, examines the fundamental internal and external hierarchies which governed and shaped the early development of the Society's orchestra. To what extent were core values dictated by external supply and demand and to what extent by the personal interests of the leading figures in the Society? What conclusions can be reached about the elements of Liverpool's activities that were independently governed by local demands? Probing the social expectations and financial structures that underpinned the Society's regulations, committees, income, expenditure, venues, audience, performers, repertoire and programming is revealing. It allows us to contextualize the issues facing those who promoted 'the Science and Practice of Music' in this prosperous commercial port. The operational models established in these early years laid the foundation for a Society whose orchestra continues to the present day.
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